Private and Shared Residential IPs.

Highest Quality HTTP and SOCKS5 Proxies.

Our Services

Residential Proxies for all usage. IPV4 and IPV6 for mailing, crawling SEO and More. We have an extremely well put together user dashboard, and YOU get to choose your IP's. Mail Proxies, Location, and Duration.

HTTP Proxy

We maintain our HTTP proxies to maximize user usage. Private proxies are completely one-handed.

Mail Proxy

All of our Proxies are of high quality, but this specific type is meant for emailing and related activities.

SOCKS5 Proxy

SOCKS5 Protocol has a more secure connection to the host. Depending on usage, SOCKS5 may fit better. But the price is no different.

Tier 1 Pricing

Cheaper than most, More anonymous than all. Our Tier 1 Proxies are catered by location for each client. 100% online and extremely reliable. The price is hard to beat as well.

Shared Proxies

$ 1 /mo

Shared HTTP and SOCKS5 start at a low price of just $1 per month. The lowest in the market. We max our users at 3, just to keep the quality high.

Private Proxies

$ 2 /mo

Regardless of Tier 1 ISP, or location. All of our private Proxies are sold starting as low as $2. These proxies are not shared, 100% sold to just one client. Secure and Anonymous.

Private Tier 1 IP

$ 5 /mo

For a truly residential Proxy, $5 a month ensures full usage of a real, authentic, secure and anonymous connection. All residential IP's are private for YOU.

Frequently Asked Questions

Proxies Are Confusing, Let us Help.

Not everyone understands proxies, let alone how to use them efficiently. We aren't just a provider, we are experts in the field.

Simply put, a Shared proxy comes in cheaper than a Private proxy. Reason being, a shared proxy is a single IP that is purchased but used between more than one client. The quality doesn't necessarily suffer, but the speed may not always be as fast as a purely private connection. Private Proxies are sold to you, and nobody else.

When you purchase a proxy, regardless of its specifics, you are presented with 4 things. The proxy has an IP address, a Port that you connect to, and depending on authentication, a username and password. Please see the following video on the best way to connect via windows desktop.

Most of time they refer to unsafe proxies as to the open free proxies you can find on the internet. Because anyone can plant anything on those. Our proxies are 100% private, not open to anyone unless they paid for it.

We offer single proxies here for usage of specific location. We have a separate proxy provision which offers high quality, fast location specific reverse proxies and mobile 4G Lte. Visit ( for a look at those.

Proxies can be used in illegal ways, yes, but the actual proxy service Purchased from us would be no different than logging into GoDaddy and renting a web host server. Proxy usage is NOT illegal, how you use them is what makes the proxy community looked down upon. Proxies have a plethora of very high quality and economic advantages, and used correctly can be game changing.

Why Choose Us?

Honest business with high quality proxies, all at an extremely affordable price.



We maintain, manage and optimize all of our proxies in the pool. We don’t sell anything less than perfect.



We test our connections vigorously. Our proxies are leak free and 100% secure and anonymous.



Our Dashboard offers the clients a full facing selection all the way down to the city. At this price, it’s unbeatable.

Real Testimonials

All Reviews were pulled from our sales dashboard or Google reviews.

“ Refreshing To See ”

Happy to see a business offering GEO Location Proxy selections without charging $500 just to log in. The SOCKS5 are so easily available and What a great purchase.

Eric Campion
Owner - Vineyards Design
“ Clean and Fast ”

The quality of these proxies are like euphoria. I’m sold and I’ve never believed a proxy could be this clean. Amazing services.

Johnathan Rivers
Corporate - Data Analyst
“ Quality Connection *

I’ve purchased Single Residential IPs in the past, these are above and beyond. Then I bought the reverse proxies with unlimited bandwidth, I don’t know how they do it....Best Provider around.

Seth Hikop
Founder - Place For It
“ New and I Like ”

I’ve never utilized Proxies in the past, the Staff was more than helpful and it’s really made a huge difference in my company.

Katie Jacobs
Founder - Killer Likes
“ Array of Choices ”

I love the user dashboard. I can pick up any protocol from any city or country globally. Proxy Servers Company is a great place to do business.

Michelle Garza